Sense Asian


Sense Fest will take place on Friday July 14th.

Sense Fest will take place at Maassilo, Rotterdam.

Pre-register for the pre-sale -here- (pre reg link).

The minimum age at Sense Fest is 18 years old, ID is required.

It’s not allowed to bring your own food or drinks to Sense Fest.

There’s a medical aid station at Sense Fest! The First Aid Post is staffed with emergency medical professionals and you are very much welcome for any health issues; from aspirins, plasters to drug related issues.

Don’t be afraid to tell them what kind of drugs or alcohol you’ve used, everything you say to our medical staff is strictly confidential.

All festivals in the Netherlands operate under a governmental ‘zero-tolerance policy’. This means that no soft- drugs or hard drugs are allowed. Nitrous oxide (laughing gas) is also not allowed on the festival and camping terrain.

The possession or dealing of hard drugs is prohibited at the festival. If there is any evidence of overt use and/or possession, confiscation of the drugs will follow and/or the offender will be handed over to the police. The possession and/or use of small amounts (max. 5 grams) of soft drugs for personal use will be tolerated, with the exception of pre-rolled joints.

All lost items will be collected at Maassilo Rotterdam. Contact them to check if your lost phone, key or grannies old necklace was found. 

Got your party outfit ready?! Colourful or all black, skirts, shorts or flared, layers, lace or feathers, as long as you’re comfortable and feel like your best self: go all out and present the most beautiful party outfit you got in store for us!

Also, please do always check the weather forecast in advance and pick the right festival outfit. We also do recommend you to take some extra warm clothes with you for the evening. 

*Football related clothing or discriminatory clothing are not allowed at Sense Fest!

Please respect our house rules. For House rules click here

We provide plenty of lockers for everyone! These lockers can easily be shared: there’s room for 2-3 coats in one locker.

Cameras and GoPro’s for personal use are always welcome! Professional audio-visual equipment is not allowed on the terrain. You can bring your selfie sticks, as long as they are foldable and no longer than 1 meter.

For Terms and Conditions click here. The privacy statement that is applicable on this website can be found here.

For further questions not addressed in this FAQ, please email By emailing us, you are confirming that you have reviewed all the information in this FAQ.


Our pre-registration sale starts on March 27 at 12:00 (CET).

Regular sale starts on April 7 12:00PM (CET).

Make sure to buy Sense Fest tickets via our website Please be careful when purchasing tickets from any other source than our website or our official partner Eventix, as we can’t guarantee the validity of these tickets.

You can pay for your tickets using the following methods:

  • iDEAL
  • MasterCard
  • VISA
  • Apple Pay
  • Maestro

Yes, before entering, the festival security can ask for your identification to check your name and age.

Please note that a copy of your identification document will not be accepted as a valid identification document. If there is another name on your ticket, access to the event can be denied. In such a case, the ticket cannot be refunded.


Located in the extension of the Erasmus Bridge, the Maassilo has an excellent central location. Sense Fest is easily accessible by multiple modes of transportation. The stops for the metro, tram, bus and water taxi (Maashaven) are less than 50 meters away from the entrance. Rotterdam The Hague Airport is reachable with a direct connection.

If you are arriving by train, you will need to travel to Rotterdam central station and then take the metro. From the Maashaven metro stop, it is a 2-minute walk to Maasillo. Both metro lines D and E take 9 minutes to reach Rotterdam Central. Line E is directly connected to Rotterdam the Hague Airport.

On the front side of the building, next to the metro station, there is a bike parking area available. It is a 17-minute bike ride from Rotterdam Central to Maassilo.

There is parking available on the quay and in the immediate vicinity, with a maximum capacity of 225 parking spots. Paid parking applies here from Monday to Saturday between 09:00 and 18:00 at a rate of €1,72 per hour (zone 240). If this parking lot is full, there are also parking spots available on Brieselaan and Maashaven OZ. These parking areas are indicated on the traffic signs.

Where can I park for free?

Please refer to the link of the parking area. Parking in the surrounding neighbourhood is free. Katendrecht is free after 2300. Depending on the time of your arrival, you van look for parking in the streets listed below; it is possible to find parking spots nearby between 2200 and 2300. After 2300, we recommend parking a bit futher away to avoid wating time searching for a spot.!Rotterdam/Maashaven_Zuidzijde_1-2/Vrijdag/22:00//


  Maashaven zuidzijde (in front of the venue)

  Maashaven oostzijde


  Paul krugerstraat


Further away:


  Maashaven noordzijde

In front of the venue, there is a water taxi stop called Maashaven (number 62), which is accessible from 50 locations. You can reserve a watertaxi by calling 010 403 03 03 or visiting

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During the festival, the first aid team is available around the clock to provide assistance to anyone in need. If you’re feeling unwell or have any medical concerns, don’t hesitate to approach them. Rest assured that they won’t inform your parents or involve law enforcement, regardless of any misconduct on your part. Their main priority is your well-being and ensuring that you receive the necessary help, so don’t be afraid to seek their assistance.

The Dutch government enforces a “zero-tolerance policy” at all festivals, which prohibits the use and possession of both soft and hard drugs. Additionally, the use of nitrous oxide (commonly known as laughing gas) is strictly prohibited on both the festival and camping grounds.

If you need to bring medication to the festival, it’s only allowed if you have an official doctor’s note to support it.


You’re welcome to bring cameras and GoPros for personal use to the festival. However, professional audio-visual equipment is prohibited on the festival grounds, unless you have been granted press accreditation. Additionally, you’re allowed to bring selfie sticks as long as they’re foldable and no longer than 1 meter. 


  • Respect the dress code of Sense Asian and ensure that you are appropriately dressed.
  • Treat others with respect and kindness.
  • Drink responsibly and do not exceed the limits.
  • Enjoy the music and dancing but respect the space of others to dance and socialize.
  1. Do not bring illegal drugs into the club and do not use them in the club.
  2. Do not bring weapons or other dangerous objects into the club.
  3. Do not discriminate or intimidate others based on their race, gender, sexual orientation, or any other characteristics.
  4. Do not disrupt the music or cause disturbance to other people.
  5. Do not bring your own drinks into the club and do not drink too much.
  6. To prevent littering outside, it is also not allowed to take drinks or food outside.

Possession of glass bottles, cans, fireworks, drugs (fire) arms, and/or other dangerous or prohibited items or substances, food (alcoholic) drinks are not allowed.

  1. Do not seek out trouble with other club-goers or club staff.
  2. Do not leave the club prematurely and do not engage in arguments with others.